Rain walked care fully through the empty streets the infection had caused the world around her to crash and burn she had just gotten out of umbrella’s lab two months ago and everything had already turned to shit. She kept her gun low as she pressed her back to the wall she took a deep breath trying to stay calm, Rain could hear wet popping sounds and flesh being torn apart. It made her sick and she was not sure if she could keep this up for long, living in a world were infected roam free and eat anyone that cant defend themselves. She was ready to come out and kill the nasty motherfucker chomping on a poor dead sap when she heard gun shots, Rain quickly came out from around the corner she did a quick sweep but saw that all the infected had already met the true death by the hands of another. She looked up to the person that had beaten her to the punch, it was a man with messy black hair that fell in curly clumps around his ears they framed his face perfectly. Rain was about to say something to smart off to him when he turned his dark brown eyes to her his face was Stern and focused he pointed his gun at her and pulled the trigger, before Rain could react she felt the bullet wiz past her blood splattered on her lightly from behind and the man fired again at her. Rain stayed still and let him take his shots, Rain heard the two bullets hit and body’s drop. She turned around and saw three dead infected, Rain raised her gun as she spotted a licker stalking closer to her but before she could pull the trigger yet another of the man’s rounds blasted out and killed the infected monster. Rain turned around and looked him up and down he looked like a younger man with black cargo pants and holsters anywhere there could be one. He was carrying at least 6 guns and that was just what she could see, Rain lowered her gun and stared at him. His shirt was black and torn in random places showing dark skin, he also wore black cut off leather gloves knee and elbow pads.

"Who are you?" She asked slightly impressed.

He had taken out 10 infected men with ease and quickly, she watched the man carefully as he turned to look at her. His eyes were a honey brown they seemed to glow with joy, he looked years younger with his almost new looking eyes. Rain was taken back by the man she hadn’t seen vary many people so happy these days, she half smiled at him. The man re-holstered his guns and walked over to Rain he held his hand out for her and Rain took it.

"The name is Anderw, pleasure to meet you…" He broke off his sentance lingering a bit to ask for her name.

"Rain." She filled in the last part for him.

The man smiled again and let her hand go he raised his hand and waved his fingers in a swift motion as to tell her to come with him. Rain looked at the dead people cluttering the floor and went with him, he lead her to a jeep and Rain almost laughed.

"Nice ride, but where do you think your taking me?" She asked arching an eyebrow, rolling her eyes to one side of her head to peer at him in an almost angry way.

The man jumped into the driver’s seat and opened the door for her.

"Babe, don’t ask questions just get the fuck in." He said with a smirk for her.

Rain bit her lip and looked around for once in her life she was not sure if she wanted to stay her ground, this man came in and swept her anger away he just seemed so… So joyful and free. Her whole life she held onto things that made her feel caged and trapped, she kept her anger with her it helped her stay strong but it looked so much better to be free. Rain nodded at him as she climbed into the jeep and shut the door after her, she looked over at him and he smiled brightly.

"Now then lets get going." He spoke to her.

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